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15 May 2022

Just updated website for Laos Oct 2022 trip to coincide with the colorful Fireboat Festival. Members this year will have a chance to ride the new China Laos train from Luang Prabang back to Vientiane.

We are currently preparing for trips, mostly starting from Sept 2022 onwards. Do keep posted on our website and Facebook page for more trip updates.

Note that our trip dates will be similar to our past trips i.e. Peru Boivia Feb Sep, Eastern Europe Croatia May Jun, Himachal Apr, Tibet May, Silk Road May, Morocco Mar Nov, Kenya Tanzania Aug, South Korea Apr Nov.


  1. Please register your interest as early as possible by emailing us. Once we have the minimum numbers to run the trip we will proceed to collect deposits to firm up the trip.

  2. If the dates are not suitable please let us know. We will check with the rest to see if we can change.

  3. If you have your own group (does not have to be 10 pax. Even with 5 pax is a good number) we'll get more pax and can work on your preferred dates.